Filter ASG

 Warranty 15 years
 Warranty 15 years

Material: PP-RCT – brass
Standard: EN ISO 15874, DIN 8077, DIN 8078, DSTU B V.2.5-18: 2001

The filter protects the system from clogging with rust, scale and other mechanical impurities. It is usually installed in front of the devices, the service life of which depends on the quality of the water, thereby insuring the system against breakdown.
T max 95 °C.

 Warranty 15 years

Size chart

Article number Size D (mm) В (mm) A (mm) Quantity in a package (pcs) Bulk (dm³)
6545686 20 20 76,3 14,5 40 0,39
6545687 25 25 81,7 16 40 0,39

Scope of application

Drinking water
Heating, air conditioning
Swimming pool
Industrial cooling
Technical water
Heat pumps


Certificate of conformity: polypropylene pipe and fitting systems for heating and water supply systems
Conclusion of the state sanitary – epidemiological examination: pipes and fittings
Insurance policy
Catalog. Polypropylene piping system