Sectional radiators

Bimetallic, aluminium radiators and accessories for them. Products are represented by the following brands:
Diva Kiran SAN TEH RAI Summer Ekvator Elegance Mirado

Panel radiators

With side and bottom connection of different types of execution. The products are represented by the following brands:
SAN TEH RAI Rens Terra Teknik

ASG heating, water supply

Polypropylene pipes, fitting, combined fitting, shut-off and control valves, the elements fasteners, solutions for underfloor heating.

ASG internal sewage systems

Solutions for internal sewerage systems: pipes (quiet and quiet), fittings, accessories and fasteners.

ASG External sewerage

Solutions for External sewerage systems: pipes, fittings, accessories and fasteners.

Video Reviews

Review test sewer pipe ASG HTR
video review ASG Esterno
Steel radiator production