Fixing clip ASG

 15 years warranty
 15 years warranty

Material: PE-RT \ EVOH \ PE-RT Standard: EN ISO 22391, DIN 4726, DSTU B V.2.7-144: 2007

The fixing clip is intended for fastening pipes to heat-insulating material (polystyrene, expanded polystyrene). A specially designed retaining clip is used to securely attach the pipe to the top plate of the thermal insulation. The shape and grooves at the ends of the harpoon brace ensure that the tires are securely attached to the surface of the thermal insulation. This element greatly simplifies the installation of the underfloor heating system, reducing the time and cost of the work carried out.

 15 years warranty

Scope of application

Drinking water
Heating, air conditioning
Swimming pool
Chemical industry
Technical water

Size chart

Article number Size Material A(mm) D(mm) B(m) Quantity in a package(pcs) Bulk (dm³)
40 PE 40 15-20 22 0,02
50 PE 50 15-20 32 0,02


Certificate of conformity: polypropylene pipe and fitting systems for heating and water supply systems
Conclusion of the state sanitary – epidemiological examination: pipes and fittings
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