Bypass ASG

 Гарантія 15 років
 Гарантія 15 років

Material: PPR Standard: ČSN EN ISO 15874, DIN 8077, DIN 8078, DSTU B V.2.7-144:2007

It is used for installation in places where it is necessary to bypass an obstacle, namely a pipeline, a riser and others. It is connected to the pipeline by polyfuse welding without the use of couplings. T max 95 °C.

 Гарантія 15 років

Size chart

Article number Size Material D(mm) B(mm) A(mm) Quantity in a package(pcs) Bulk (dm³)
1417599987 20 PPR 20 87,5 14,5 120 0,28
1417600039 25 PPR 25 103,8 16 80 0,42
1417600064 32 PPR 32 18 40 0,48

Scope of application

Drinking water
Heating,air conditioning
Swimming pool
Chemical industry
Industrial cooling
Technical water
Heat pumps


Certificate of conformity: polypropylene pipe and fitting systems for heating and water supply systems
Conclusion of the state sanitary – epidemiological examination: pipes and fittings
Insurance policy